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R & D strength

R & D strength R & D strength

Zhibang R&D center is composed of electrophoretic paint R&D team, water-based paint R&D team, UV paint R&D team, and IPDI R&D team. It is responsible for the development of all new products of the company. "Scientific and reasonable" research and development thinking, according to the company's products and various customized needs of the market, make corresponding project establishment, experimental verification, project conclusion and acceptance, and include it in production.
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Production strength

Production strength Production strength

At present, Zhibang has an independent and formalized chemical production site and fully automated production equipment in Jianggu Fine Chemical Base in Sihui City, which will be put into operation and used in 2021. Formalized chemical production workshop - to provide guarantee for the timely delivery of customer orders; Fully automated production equipment - to ensure the stability of product quality;
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Technical strength

Technical strength Technical strength

The quality inspection center undertakes four main inspection items: raw material quality inspection, finished product quality inspection, customer bath liquid analysis, and customer product coating industry standard inspection. To this end, Zhibang invested and purchased a large number of testing instruments to build an advanced quality inspection center in domestic paint manufacturers.
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Service advantage

Service advantage Service advantage

Shenzhen Zhibang Technology Co., Ltd. aims at "0" after-sales service to ensure the stable production of customers; the after-sales service process is the increase of customer costs. When customers need after-sales service, it means that the production line cannot be produced due to quality problems, and the production is stopped. The cost increases, and the cost caused by the rework of defective products increases; the prevention of customer on-site problems, the early detection of problems, and early resolution have always been our company's development goals. For this reason, our company has invested a lot of money to purchase high-end testing equipment and build a CNAS testing laboratory; In order to quickly solve customer production problems, our company has built a group of skilled after-sales service teams to solve problems in the production process for customers at any time, so as to ensure continuous and stable production of customers;
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Brilliant 13 years

  • 2021

    120 degree electrophoretic paint launched
  • 2020

    In January, UV electrophoretic paint was launched; in May, PU water-based paint was launched; in August, the research and development project of plastic UV water-based baking paint was officially established; in August, polyimide (PI) and polyamic acid (PAA) were launched for photoresist, polymer Imide (PI) film, flexible PI film, thermoplastic, thermosetting temperature resistant powder
  • 2019

    In March, the water-based real copper paint was successfully developed and put into the market; in October, the electroplating water-based varnish was applied in the market on a large scale
  • 2017

    The special color paste for QUV4000 hours was officially launched; the special electrophoretic paint for electroplating coating was launched; the special spraying, dipping water-based resin and coating for electroplating coating were launched
  • 2016

    The cooperation project with Guangzhou University was formally industrialized; the company moved to Yanchuan Community Industrial Park; the company party branch was established and a data inspection center was established at the same time
  • 2015

    Cooperated with South China University of Technology to set up \"UV\" electrophoretic paint and special curing agent research and development project team; QUV-resistant water-based color paste was launched
  • 2014

    Won the \"National High-tech Enterprise\" and \"Shenzhen Innovative Technology Enterprise\" and won the special R&D fund for low-temperature electrophoresis paint from Shenzhen Innovation Committee
  • 2013

    Established an electrophoretic paint research and development center and a postgraduate innovation experimental base with Guangzhou University; applied for two invention patents for fluorine-containing and silicone electrophoretic paint resins
  • 2012

    The special electrophoretic paint for salt spray resistance at the welding position of the rack was launched; the special color paste for electrophoretic paint was launched; at the same time, the QUV water-based color paste was approved for research and development.
  • 2011

    The self-developed high-temperature electrophoretic paint was launched, and successfully replaced the white spray paint process of window decoration accessories (iron parts).
  • 2010

    Zhibang Technology R&D Center was established
  • 2009

    Shenzhen Zhibang Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established

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